How to create a Media Template

This quickstart guide will help you create more advanced templates via WhatsApp Template Manager. Make sure to read through Media Templates Quickstart if you are not familiar with the concept of whatsapp template messages.

Media templates are templates provided by Whatsapp that expand the content that you can send to customers by including components. The components provided are:

  • HEADER: Can be either text or media. The text and the media can have parameters.
  • BODY: The main content of the template. Can have parameters.
  • FOOTER: Extra text on the bottom of your message. Cannot have parameters.
  • BUTTONS: Can be a quick reply (without parameters) or a call to action - visit url (with parameters) or call a number (without parameters).

The templates go through Facebook and will be activated after it is confirmed that they don't violate Facebook's policy. In order to speed up the process and provide clarity, Facebook recommends providing examples which is also supported by Messagebird API and WhatsApp Template Manager.

Quick Replies

Call To Action

Media Header template

Image media template

Video media template

Document media template

For more information about Messagebird API, check out the API Reference


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