Call and Leg statuses

When a call is placed, the status of the call and its constituent legs can be requested using the Voice API. Because the status of the call itself is informed by the status of its legs, more-granular information about the call's current status can be obtained by obtaining the legs records for a given call and inspecting the leg statuses. Information about the status for both calls and legs are updated in real time. The following tables provide a list of available statuses for both calls and legs.

Call statuses

Call statuses can be organized into "progression" states that indicate the current active progress of a call and "final" states that describe the ending status of a call regardless of how it progressed.

Progression statuses

queuedAs soon as the call is created it will assume a queued state until the Voice API begins fulfilling the call.
startingAfter the call has been picked up by the Voice API but before ringing begins, the call will be in a 'starting' phase to indicate that it is no longer queued and is being actively handled.
ringingIndicates that the call is in a ringing status wherein the destination number has not yet accepted the call.
ongoingThe call has been accepted by the destination number and the source number is no longer in a ringing state. Depending on the structure of the Call Flow used, this may have various different meanings (e.g., a pre-recorded message could be played, or a transfer to an agent could have been accepted).

Final statuses

busyThe destination of the call was busy and did not answer the call when it was in the ringing progression state.
hangupThe call had entered the ongoing progression state, and the call was disconnected afterwards in a hangup event.
no_answerThe call was attempting to connect to a destination number but the destination number neither accepted nor rejected the call.
failedThe call was unsuccessful and some error occurred that prevented the expected hangup or busy final statuses.

Leg statuses

Progression statuses

startingThe leg is starting to be handled by the Voice API but has not yet entered either the ringing or ongoing statuses
ringingThe leg is ringing before the destination number has accepted the call.
ongoingThe leg is in progress and has not yet completed.

Final statuses

hangupIf the leg was answered it will conclude in a hangup status at the end of the leg.
busyThe leg was attempting to connect to a destination number that rejected the call.
no_answerThe leg was attempting to connect to a destination number but the destination number neither accepted nor rejected the call.
cancelledThe outbound leg was either in a ringing or ongoing status, but has been ended by the initiating caller or an inbound leg experienced a connectivity error.
failedAn error occurred during the call which resulted in an error.


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