Install Channel: Facebook Messenger

Let's get started with the Programmable Conversations API by learning how to install a channel. In this quickstart, you'll learn how to set up Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Go to the channels directory in your Dashboard

Go to 'Channels' in the sidebar of your MessageBird Dashboard. Then click on Add channel under Facebook Messenger.

Install Messenger

Step 2: Give your channel a name

Name your channel, make sure it's easily recognizable for yourself and your team. Don't worry, this will only be used internally.

Install Messenger

Step 3: Add your page ID and access token

Add your page ID and access token. Both were created during the app setup of Facebook.

Install Messenger

Step 4: Add your app ID and secret

Go to the settings page of your app and note the application ID and secret.

Install Messenger

Step 5: Copy your webhook URL

Your webhook URL is ready! Click on the 'Copy' button, and paste it in the 'Setup Webhooks' form in the Facebook App Dashboard.

Install Messenger

Step 6: Install Facebook Messenger

Click on 'Install now' and voilà! Facebook Messenger is now installed as a channel.

Install Messenger

Step 7: Manage your channel

If you want to edit, rename or delete your channel, simply select the channel and save the changes afterwards.

Nice work! 🎉 You've successfully installed Facebook Messenger as a channel for the MessageBird Programmable Conversations API.


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